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Meet the Artist in Residence

"I moved to Tacoma when I was pregnant with our first child 12 years ago because I wanted to raise my family here. I love that Tacoma is a city where creativity is encouraged, and there are so many opportunities to love it by improving it.


'Creativity and beautification have been my life’s drumbeat since I was very young.'


Making art connected me to the Divine and kept me present to my soul throughout my childhood years when I was experiencing many physical and familial difficulties. And it still does.


My favorite mediums are the leftover bits and ephemera of our lives. Items that are often overlooked or regarded as trash find meaning in my artwork as members of new constellations that cause us to reconsider what is ‘good,’ ‘beautiful,’ or ‘useful.’

You can see Tori's work on Instagram @torifields_artist, or on her interior renovation business website


Tori Fields (she/her)

Artist in Residence

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