JAN 5 A New Year, A New Start (Food, Fellowship and Clay)

In our scripture from Jeremiah for next Sunday morning, God is described as a potter.  Have you ever watched a potter work, the way he/she/they takes plain clay and throws it onto a wheel which then turns so the potter can use the spinning motion an

Concert with a Cause 2018

Concerts for a Cause:   the Totemaires in concert on Saturday, August 11 at 7 pm. Love men’s barbershop music?  Care about hurting children and youth and want to help find ways to heal them?  We’ve got a double treat for you. The m

Our Pastor Speaks of Faithful Response to Homelessness

“Our Pastor Speaks of Faithful Response to Homelessness”  Barbara Blaisdell – Associated Ministries – Quarterly Meeting on Homelessness September 21, 2017 To Speak for Those Who Have No Voice Proverbs 31 31The words of King Lemuel.

The Exodus Stories: Courage and Delight in God’s Call

September 3 – I.  Questing for God Towards Jubilee (Exodus 3:1-10) September 7 – II. Festival of Freedom –Kick-off Sunday for SS & Worship (Deuteronomy 6:1-12) September 17 – III. Through the Sea (Exodus 14:5-21; 15:1-2,

Already and Not Yet: A Reflection for Juneteenth

by Chuck and Barbara Blaisdell It is commonly (and correctly) observed that Christians are to live between “the already” and “the not yet.”  That is, in Christ we have been shown that God is a God of unconditional love for each and all and t

06/11/17 – All Congregational Gathering

Click Here for Presentation Click Here for Trustees report to the board Click Here for Pastor Barbara’s report

03/01/17 – Ash Wednesday 2017

For a two minute video history of Ash Wednesday

Lent 2017: small great things

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When the staff of First Christian Church, Tacoma arrived this past Sunday morning at the beautiful campus where we meet for worship and study, we were greeted with this sign nailed to one of our beloved Douglas Firs:   Now, I’m certain that w