Pride Flag

Hello Gwinwood Supporters!

We hope that you are well and enjoying this warm summer.
The Gwinwood grounds are blooming with berries and our four new fawns (two sets of twins!) are out and about showing off. Hicks Lake has been a perfect temperature for swimming, canoeing, and fishing this season and our Disciples Campers took advantage of the cool water during the heat wave.
We had begun to slowly open after our year of shut-down, and had several groups scheduled to stay in August and September. Unfortunately, COVID had a different idea, and those groups had to cancel due to safety and spreading issues. Gwinwood is now in dire need because of these cancellations. 

The good new is that we have an opportunity to keep this hidden treasure afloat during these uncertain days. An anonymous donor is willing to match funds up to $10,000.00 through October 15th. 
The Trustees and staff are reaching out in faith that Gwinwood is still a needed sacred space for Western Washington and beyond in our pandemic weary world.


To give to this wonderful cause and double your impact click here to give online.  By giving through FCC Tacoma your gift will be matched by our service and outreach budget.