Weekly Newsletter - June 6, 2019

From Pastor Barbara 

Let me begin with gratitude for last week's celebration of my seven years of ministry with you and for all the kind words from our longest serving member and Elder Chair, Dorothy Beeles, to our newest member, Melissa Peabody, and all the others who spoke, who hugged, who clapped. But I especially want to mention the comments of Roger Davidson, our Senior Pastor Emeritus. He spoke kind and supportive words about me, for which I am grateful. But I want to mention the substance of his remarks because they helped to crystalize the theme of entire Pentecost summer worship series Ben and I've been working on. Those of you who were there to hear him speak may remember that Roger quoted a News Tribune article about the increasing tendency of people in our area to self-isolate. Community and connection are less and less important and it comes with a huge price to our health. Roger, wisely spoke of the important witness of the church as an antidote to that. This is Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the church, the celebration of Christ's spirit descending, not so that five or six families could become really close but so that people from across the world, people who could barely understand each other could learn from each other and learn to love each other. YOU ARE INVITED TO WEAR RED THIS SUNDAY-OR RAINBOW COLORS FOR THE DIVERSITY OF THAT FIRST PENTECOST. We will celebrate that diversity by reading the Pentecost text in many languages. We'll celebrate our graduates and have a birthday party after worship. It will be a grand day!! From Ben This Sunday in worship we are focusing our attention on the work of the Holy Spirit as we celebrate Pentecost. The Chancel Musicians will be singing a piece titled "Holy Spirit" with words by Isaac Watts and music by contemporary Seattle composer Phillip Peterson. The music that we will be singing in worship weaves together a colorful diversity of genres and generations. I look forward to singing and worshiping with you all this week.

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