Weekly Newsletter - June 20, 2019

From Pastor Barbara 

The "salvation" proclaimed and offered by the early church was not primarily a salvation of life after death but a salvation offered in this life, a salvation of life out of a living death. The selling of Christianity primarily as a way to keep people from hell after death came centuries later. In the first century, people became followers of the living Christ through other followers because of the renewed life offered by those followers and their communities of faith. This week's story of Dorcas, otherwise known as Tabitha, is a story of one woman and the new life she offered through her ministry to poor women, primarily widows and their families. Hers was a clothing ministry. She wove cloth and sewed clothing for women and their children who could not clothe themselves.  She robed the disrobed into new life. They in turn, intervened on her behalf and she lived a longer life. How do we live up to that gift and offer it to our neighbors now? Let's listen and discover together this Sunday! From Ben We are excited to have Sam and Plum join the Chancel musicians once again, adding their musicianship and leadership. We will be weaving together many musical styles this week, including the popular song by Bill Withers, "Lean On Me," the Reggae-influenced "One Spirit of Love," the praise song, "Weave," the African American spiritual, "I've Got a Robe," the Ghanaian folk song, "Jesu, Jesu," and another reggae favorite, "One Love/People Get Ready." We look forward to worshiping with you as we bring together many colors and traditions into One Spirit of Love.

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