Weekly Newsletter - June 13, 2019

From Pastor Barbara 

What an amazing, Spirit-filled Pentecost we had, didn't we, filled with glorious music, many languages, graduates of whom to be proud, birthdays to celebrate and food that praises God!  If you haven't checked out the pictures and videos on Facebook, check some of them out Here!  This Sunday, on Father's Day, we continue our Pentecost series of worship services, "One Spirit of Love," by listening to what is perhaps Jesus' most famous story about a Dad. We know it as the parable of the prodigal son but the story contains three main characters and I contend that, for Jesus, the primary character is the Dad, or Papa (or "Baba", for those of you who were in worship last week).   The Roman Empire and surrounding cultures of Jesus' day promoted gods that were judgmental, that sorted people between right and wrong, winners and losers. Jesus spent his ministry trying to convey a different understanding of God and trying to give us a different understanding of ourselves.  In fact, if we were to take the time to read the entire 15th chapter of Luke, we'd discover parable after parable about a kind of God that seeks to rescue the loser, the lost, the screw-up and, in this Sunday's story, the prodigal son to recover him/her/them while still loving the faithful older brother. God doesn't want us divided.  And yet, we keep dividing ourselves, each from each and even right down the very middle of our own personhood. Come, let's hear God's invitation, through Jesus, to dance together in unity!

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