02/19/2017 – 7th Sunday After Epiphany

“With Fear and Trembling”

Matthew 5:38-48  
February 19, 2017 
As we gather for worship at 11:00 am Sunday, Pastor Barbara continues her series on the Sermon on the Mount.  This Sunday’s scripture invites us to consider what makes a moment or a place sacred and why an opennness to the sacred makes a huge impact on our ability to be all God has called us to be.
Psalm 100 is our call to worship and we will sing a hymn that is commonly called the “Old Hundredth”
The melody for this setting of Psalm 100 was written by a French composer Loys Bourgeois (1510-1560) for the then “contemporary” worship music written for the Protestants in Switzerland Geneva.  The lyricist who arranged the Psalm and set it into english meter, was William Kethe, an exiled Scottish poet who resided in Geneva at the same time during the 16th century. So we here in 21st century Tacoma, Washington will be singing an ancient Hebrew text adapted for the English language by a Scott, set to music by a French composer for a Swiss congregation!  There is beauty in this history of many nations and peoples and generations coming together to Praise God.
Remember too that there are Bible Study classes for children and adults at 9:30 am.  The adult class is lead by the Rev. Tim Shipe as well as members of the class.  They are currently doing an in-depth study of “lectionary” texts, a three year schedule of 4 texts each Sunday that takes the church through most of the Bible.  Our pastor has been chosing one of those texts to focus on each Sunday.  The class comes better prepared to worship for having looked at the texts ahead of time.

If you missed service on this wonderful 7th Sunday after Epiphany Service please check out our podcast by clicking here

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