04/17/2016 – 4th Sunday of Easter

This Sunday, April 17 
“Knocked Off Our High Horse”
Acts 9:1-18
During this Easter season, we’ve been meditating on the encounters of the first generation of believers with the risen Christ.  This Sunday we read the story of the conversion of Paul.  We’ll ask ourselves what Jesus wants us to learn from Paul’s story.
“Jesus lives, and so shall I. Death! Thy sting is gone forever! He who deigned for me to die, lives, the bands of death to sever. He shall raise me from the dust: Jesus is my hope and trust.” As we continue our celebration of Easter the Chancel choir will be singing “Jesus Is My Hope and Trust” This Rousing combination of 18th century poetry from Christian Gellert and contemporary music from Phillip Peterson.
If you missed service on this wonderful 4th Easter Sunday please check out our podcast of the service by clicking here

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