05/01/2015 -Sixth Sunday of Easter

Sixth Sunday of Easter
May 1, 2016
The climate in our country and in our world right now is the opposite of “civil.”  How would the Spirit of Christ have us respond?  Might we be being asked to be counter-cultural, a light unto the world about a different way of living together as human beings?  What if the world suddenly saw the church as the community that loves and supports one another and treats all with the respect deserving of ones for whom Christ died?  The teaching from Ephesians which will inform our worship has some pretty clear instruction for how we might do that.
The beautiful and hope filled words to this Sunday’s Anthem were written in 1944 just before the end of WWII and the longing they express is fitting for us today as we seek to live and love within our families, our communities and our country. “…guide us to justice, truth and love, delivered from our selfish schemes. May swords of hate fall from our hands, our hearts from envy find release, till by God’s grace our warring world shall see Christ’s promised reign of peace.”
f you missed service on this wonderful 6th Easter Sunday please check out our podcast of the service by clicking here

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