06/12/2016 – 4th Sunday After Pentecost

Liberated from the Tombs

June 12, 2016 

We continue our study of the stories of Jesus as presented in the gospel of Luke. This Sunday we look at the story of Jesus restoring a mentally ill man to health in Luke 8:26-39. What does our Lord want us to learn from this story?

This Sunday we are singing the African American spiritual “I’m so Glad, Jesus Lifted Me” It’s a song that takes us on a simple journey of contrasts from trouble to gratitude. From the stanza “When I was in trouble” the response is “Jesus Lifted me” The same praise of gratitude is sung in response to the stanza “Satan had me bound, Jesus lifted me, singing glory, hallelujah! Jesus lifted me.” This is a beautiful reminder of the love and care that we are shown by God every day.

If you missed service on this wonderful Fourth Sunday after Pentecost Service please check out our podcast of the service by clicking here

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