07/03/2016 – 7th Sunday After Pentecost & Independence Sunday

“Listening for God in All the Wrong Places” – Independence Sunday

July 03, 2016 

This Sunday we continue our study of the stories of Jesus as presented in the gospel of Luke.  This Sunday we read Luke 9:57-62, one of the more difficult passages of scripture to understand, including the line:

“No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.”

Chuck Blaisdell is our guest preacher this Sunday as our Senior Pastor works on long range sermon planning over the next couple of weeks. While she will be in worship Sunday and preside at the table, Chuck’s sermon topic will explore what the most faithful response might be for rational Christians of open minds to the world-wide phenomenon of religious groups’ radical self-assurance that their understanding of “the truth” is the only one and that any compromise on that understanding betrays their faith. This isn’t just a Christian trait. It occurs in all faiths. Of course, what we believe about God matters, so how do we think faithfully about God without further dividing the world, our country, or our faith? We will pray for our country this holiday weekend and sing the glorious anthem of appreciation for it, “This Is My Song” to the tune “Finlandia.”

Also this Sunday will feature a special cello soloist, Alec Duggan. We know you will make him feel welcomed! In addition, we will be singing the Classic Hymn from 1869 “Praise, My Soul, the God of Heaven” the second stanza “Praise to God, for grace and favor shown to all who are oppressed. God shows steadfast love forever slow to chide and quick to bless.” The Chorus of “Alleluia! Alleluia! Glorious is God’s Faithfulness” is a reminder of who God is in relationship to us as we explore how to know and serve God faithfully in this week’s service.

We pray the service we’ve planned will bring us all closer to Jesus and the path to which he calls us.

If you missed service on this wonderful Seventh Sunday after Pentecost Service please check out our podcast by clicking here

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