08/14/2016 – 13th Sunday After Pentecost

“Lord, Increase Our Faith”

Luke 17: 1-11  
August 14, 2016 
This Sunday, Rev. Barbara returns to the pulpit as we meditate on Luke’s story of the disciples asking Jesus to strengthen their faith and the strange and difficult images Jesus uses to talk to them about the efficacy of their faith.  We’ll explore our own definition of faith and how powerful it can be, however large or small.
We will sing of our own faith, including the glorious traditional hymn, “My Faith Looks Up to Thee” and the hymn entitled “Canticle of Faith,”  music by contemporary artist, Philip Peterson, lyrics by our own Ben Smith (based on an ancient canticle).  The Congolese Style Choir will sing in French the old hymn many of us know with these opening lines in English, “Take the name of Jesus with you, child of suffering and of woe.  It will joy and comfort give you.  Take it thee, where ever you go.”  Do join us for what promises to be a powerful service!

Due to technical issues there will be no podcast for this day.  Please stay tuned for a manuscript to be uploaded soon.

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