10/09/2016 – 21st Sunday After Pentecost

“Doxology Time”

Luke 17: 11-19    
October 9 , 2016 
This week we study a story from Jesus’ ministry, a jubilant story of healing and praise. We will be opening the Sunday service with the triumphant 17th century Joachim Neander Hymn “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, who rules all creation. O my soul, worship the wellspring of health and salvation. All ye who hear, now to God’s temple draw near. Join me in glad adoration.”
The Chancel Choir will be singing the Latin Hymn “Dona Nobis Pacem” using a musical technique of imitation called a “Round”, where a group of vocalists will repeat the same parts that where just sung creating unexpected harmonies and a beautiful blending of words. We hope that you find the music reflective as you are welcome to come forward and light a candle.  And we’ll sing the contemporary communion hymn, “I Come with Joy.”  Join us in jubilant praise!


If you missed service on this wonderful 21st Sunday after Pentecost Service please check out our podcast by clicking here

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