10/16/2016 – 22st Sunday After Pentecost

“Who Is the Unjust Judge?”

Luke 18: 1-8    
October 16 , 2016 
This Sunday we study and meditate on the parable that Jesus told about the Persistent Widow and the Unjust Judge, another of his parables without a clear consensus by church scholars regarding what Jesus intends for us to learn.  But we’ll have fun trying!  The Chancel Choir will follow that theme by singing,”If God Be For Us,” a mid 20th century anthem composed by Clifford McCormick. We are reminded of a profound Christian theme through the anthem by the lyrics  “He that gave,  that gave his own Son…Shall He not, shall he not through Him, through Him, give us all things.” The repetitive nature of the lyrics (based on the book of Romans) emphasizes to us the persistence of God’s character and also the care that God offers to us.


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