11/06/2016 – 25th Sunday After Pentecost

“Including The Excluded”

Luke 19: 1-10      
November 6, 2016 
This Sunday we are thrilled and grateful to welcome Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Roger Davidson to our pulpit.  He will lead us in our meditations on the story of Jesus’ encounter with Zacchaeus.  The chancel choir will sing a celebration of God’s glory. “Sing, o sing a jubilant song. And worship Him in humbleness. Sing, o sing a jubilant song.” As we journey into the gospel story of Zacchaeus we are called to a life of “Including the Excluded.”  Our Hymn of dedication will be the traditional Indian melody with words from the 19th century by an Indian man from the region of Assam, India who’s family and his own life were persecuted and excluded from his community. His answer is humble and simple,   “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus, No turning back, no turning back.”
A personal note from Pastor Barbara:  I am grateful to have vacation time so I can travel to Indianapolis to participate in the memorial service of Barbara Williamson, friend, mentor, mother in the faith.  Chuck and I also want to be there for Barbara’s widower, Clark who has also meant so much to us both and, in fact, performed our wedding ceremony in the chapel of the seminary we attended, Christian Theological Seminary.  Thank you to Roger for so ably filling the pulpit.  Thank you to all who will step up while I am gone.  Most of all, thank you for allowing me the time to honor those without which I would not have a church, for Clark and Barbara were also responsible for thinking well with me when I went through a crisis in faith.


If you missed service on this wonderful 25th Sunday after Pentecost Service please check out our podcast by clicking here

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