11/20/2016 – 27th Sunday After Pentecost

“A God Who Dwells in Beauty”

Psalm 96   
November 20, 2016 
This Sunday we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with the Congolese choir singing in the service. The Chancel choir will be singing a moving Anthem “Sing Unto the Lord” written by Charles Yannerella. There is a repeating phrase that goes “Fill your hearts with praises and thanksgiving.” This Sunday also marks the end of a season with next Sunday being the first Sunday of Advent. We will be bringing special guest musicians and vocalists throughout all of Advent, including Strings, Percussionists, Trumpet, Banjo, with our own Chancel choir  playing Handbells, Chimes and Glockenspiel.

If you missed service on this wonderful 27th Sunday after Pentecost Service please check out our podcast by clicking here

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