02/21/2016 – “Second Sunday of Lent: Songs of the Servant 2)Fatigue, Failure & Trust”

We are meditating on the servant songs of Second Isaiah during this Lenten season.  This Sunday we look at the second servant song.
In the second servant song, the singer is the servant.  And the song the servant sings is in one way a love song to God:  a song of tremendous trust, adoration, affection and a huge confidence in God.  But in another way the song that the servant sings is the blues.  It’s instantly clear to the listener that something has gone wrong, that the servant is tired, discouraged, that the work given is a work that has not been successful, at least not in the eyes of the servant.  And so the servant sings, “I have labored in vain.  Surely I have spent my strength for nothing, and for vanity.”

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