02/28/2016 – “Third Sunday of Lent: Songs of the Servant 3)Vulnerable Face of God”

We are meditating on the servant songs of Second Isaiah during this Lenten season.

In the first two servant songs, we hear voices.  In the first song we hear the voice of God singing of how the servant will bring a justice to the world that is patient with the weak and the broken among us.  In the second song, the servant sings of how hard the work is, how futile it can feel at times, to be fighting this world’s evil, and yet how confident the servant is of God.  In these songs, we hear a powerful passion about God in the world.  But we don’t see God or the servant.  It is as if we are in a theater, listening to the narrator, but the main character has not yet appeared.  Up on the dark stage we can sense a presence and we can hear a voice.  But we cannot yet see a face.  Now in the third song, the stage lights start coming up and the spotlight is focused on the person and the face of the servant.  The Chancel Choir will sing  “Give To The Wind Thy Fears,”  Text: Gerhardt – Music: Phillip Peterson 2001  Words Ancient Christian Chant- music by Phillip Peterson Seattle Composer 20th Century.  And we will sing “Be Thou My Vision,”  “Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face to Face,”  and “I Bind My Heart.”

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