Communications Assistant

Cassandra Tripp was born and raised on the island of Oahu, HI. She attended University of Hawaii at Hilo where she studied under two professors, pioneers in the computer science industry who helped her work intern with several government related programs, including the Inferred Telescope on Mauna Kea and Maui High Performance Computing Center affiliated with the (DOD). During her last years at university, Cassandra wanted a change of pace and began working for Hilo United Community Church (where Pastor Barbara was serving at the time) as the office administrator and technology consultant. While at university she met her husband Donald Tripp. In 2012 both Donald and Cassandra were given the opportunity to work with Holland America Cruise Line. In December of 2013, when the long time Administrator of FCC of Tacoma announced her retirement, Pastor Barbara mentioned to someone that she wished Cassie lived in the area and was told that she had recently moved from Hawaii to Seattle. So Pastor Barbara got on the phone and begged! Cassandra soon found herself feeling called to a change and started working for First Christian Church of Tacoma in 2013. Cassie (and Don) have won the hearts of the whole community with their generosity, sharing their time, talent, treasure and abundant kindness!