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"This program has been such a gift for my family. Asher has wanted to learn piano so badly but as one of four kids, I wasn’t able to afford to put him in lessons. I can’t say thank you enough for what this has done for Asher’s growth and mental well-being. Our home is continually filled with music and new songs that Asher confidently practices. Thank you.” Ben Rubke father of Asher Rubke first recipient of a scholarship for music lessons through the Center for Spirituality and the Arts at FCC Tacoma. Asher is continuing in good lessons under scholarship thanks to the support of FCC Tacoma and their partnership with Nate Dybevik."

Piano lessons with Mr. Ben continue to be a great benefit to our 2 boys, Raj and Amaan. They are high energy creators who are learning to channel their high energy into focused creative possibilities with each lesson. Every new piece that they learn challenges them to push beyond what they believe they are capable of. The relaxed and positively charged learning environment further helps them move beyond those self imposed limits with ease and into a space of accomplishment and pride.  

As a homeschool family, it's extremely beneficial for the boys to experience different types of learning styles and enriching programs. In addition to learning and honing their musical skills, they are learning about different cultures and gaining valuable life lessons such as acting with patience, how to be of noble character and how to operate from a place of gratitude. We’ve witnessed them incorporate the lessons that they learn during piano lessons into other school lessons and everyday life. Most importantly, they look forward to every lesson because they are having fun!


Janelle & Kedon

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