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What Is A Tiny House Village?
In partnership with the Low Income Housing Institute, we are proud to be a host site for one of Tacoma's Tiny Housing Villages. Designed to equip those who are house-insecure with the resources, support and shelter necessary to attain permanent housing,  the village is a place of hope and new life for many.
Learn more about volunteering opportunities and get updates on the Village at 6th and Orchard on Facebook

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Current Update on the
Tiny House Viilage.
Donate online at Drop off donations at 602 North Orchard Ave. Tacoma, WA 98406

On October 19, we welcomed Councilperson John Hines, Mayor Victoria Woodards and Governor Jay Inslee for a tour of the Tiny House Village and a chance to express how vital it is that our government prioritizes funding and partnering with community-based solutions like this one in order to truly make systemic houselessness an issue of the past. As it turns out, it really does take a village.

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