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Meet our Dogs in Residence


Anderson Cooper

Associate Pawstor

Anderson "Andy" Cooper was born on July 4th, 2016 in the heartland of America, Oklahoma. When he was still just a young boy, he moved to a shelter in Chicago where his father, Doug Collins found him and brought him home in 2017. Andy first developed his pawstoral skills helping his dad lead a youth group in Indianapolis and has since been a true spiritual companion to many. Andy enjoys Skittles, hiking, napping in the sunshine and peanut butter.


Petunia Collins-Giltner (she/her)

Assistant to the Associate Pawstor

Born on August 1st, 2022, Petunia Collins-Giltner was joyfully welcomed in as part of the Collins-Giltner family and has been wiggling around ever since. Petunia is learning how to be present with people from her big brother, Anderson, but also helps him remember how to be a kid! Petunia enjoys cardboard, running around with bed-head and talking in her sleep.


Stitch Tripp (she/her)

Distinguished Elder

Stitch Tripp is a beloved elder of the community whose wisdom and elegance graces all whom she encounters. Stitch's love language is simple yet refined: FOOD! She's a pal to many and you can't catch her (unless she's asleep) without that million dollar smile we all love. Stitch enjoys fussing over her bed to make it just right, sleeping in that bed, giving advice to the younger generation, and food!


Sealy Tripp (he/him)

Official FCC Pup and Sheep Shepherd

"Would give treat again."



Agnes Fields (she/her)

Resident Curly Girl & Cheerleader

Often called ‘Fluff Muffin,’ Agnes is basically a living stuffed animal. She is ready to love everyone she meets, but has to first get over her nervous scaredy-cat nature. She is the first dog her family has ever had and is doing a wonderful job showing them the ropes. A dog of contrasts, Agnes loves the beach, but not the water, long hugs but not small spaces, and barking but not other dogs that bark. 


Edda Barker (she/her)

Assistant to the Muralist

"This dog is cool."

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