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A message of happiness and resilience...

Dear friends,

For this week’s word, I’d like to share with you TED Talk presentation by Eddie Jaku, the 101-year-old Holocaust survivor who died this week. His message of happiness and resilience is one that I believe the world has much to learn from. You can watch the 10min video by visiting: The happiest man on earth: 99 year old Holocaust survivor shares his story | Eddie Jaku | TEDxSydney

Let us pray.

Gracious God, we give you thanks for the long life and witness of Eddie Jaku. Show us in your wisdom the power we have to make manifest your love, here and now. We pray for those whose hearts turn to violence and for those whose resilience has paved the way for all who suffer. May our lives be a blessing to our neighbors and a reflection of your grace. Amen.


Pastor Doug

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Thanks, Doug for the suggestion. Powerful witness to his resiliance and testimony to a life lived with purpose, joy and love. ~ Marvin

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