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Meet our Artist-in-Residence, Tori Fields

Dear friends,

This week, I’m delighted to introduce to you the newest addition to the Center for Spirituality and the Arts, our Artist-in-Residence, Tori Fields! Tori has been hard at work the past several weeks transforming one of the classrooms in the Ed building into her own studio where she plans to use her gifts and skills to empower children and youth to create through our program here at FCC. I’m ecstatic to share that we have commissioned her to create a collaborative art piece for the season of Advent to go with this year’s theme, “Woven In.” Below is a biography Tori wrote for us to learn a little more about who she is. Next time you see her, be sure to say hello! We’re so excited to have her be a part of our artistic collective and the community we are forming on the corner of 6th and Orchard. Welcome, Tori (and doggo, Agnes!)

A word from Tori: I moved to Tacoma when I was pregnant with our first child 12 years ago because I wanted to raise my family here. I love that Tacoma is a city where creativity is encouraged, and there are so many opportunities to love it by improving it. Creativity and beautification have been my life’s drumbeat since I was very young. Making art connected me to the Divine and kept me present to my soul throughout my childhood years when I was experiencing many physical and familial difficulties. And it still does. My favorite mediums are the leftover bits and ephemera of our lives. Items that are often overlooked or regarded as trash find meaning in my artwork as members of new constellations that cause us to reconsider what is ‘good,’ ‘beautiful,’ or ‘useful.’ You can see my work on Instagram @torifields_artist, or on my interior renovation business website

With blessing and love,

Pastor Doug

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