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But the Greatest of these is Love

Dear friends,

It is time again that we participate in our denomination's special offering for our shared ministry across the United States and Canada of all churches affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Week of Compassion. Week of Compassion is the relief, refugee, and development mission fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), working with partners to alleviate suffering throughout the world.

This year's theme is "Love Remains."

From the tornado that hit Kentucky early December to the recent humanitarian crisis forcing thousands of Afghan refugees to flee for safety, this year has been one of great suffering and grief. It has also been a year of great love.

As you consider giving to our special offering, I invite you to learn more about the many projects of which we are a part through Week of Compassion.

You can do so by visiting

Online gifts of any amount can be made any time of the year by visiting

There is much need in the world, and thanks to the organization of our fellow congregations through our denomination, we are able to address these issues that any one congregation would struggle to do alone. For this reason, I invite you to lift up the ministry of Week of Compassion this week and to remember the larger church of which we are blessed to be a part - the work of justice is a team effort and it needs everyone's hands all in!

Among our Joys

  • We lift up the Center for Spirituality and the Arts at FCC Tacoma, a collaborative of artists, musicians, and kids of all ages who are passionate about the creative voice each of us have, each brilliantly created by our God. There are exciting things in the mix, including a new artist-in-residence who we are excited to introduce to you very soon!

Among our concerns

  • We also pray for a close friend to Mary Morford who is facing a series of health complications.

  • Those among our community and around the world recovering from COVID-19.

  • Kathie Call and her son, Michael Call

  • Mel Peabody's partner, Bear

Please also remember our homebound friends in your prayers:

  • Helen Bosley

  • Elaine Jonson

  • Harry and Margaret Lobberegt

  • Mereidene Moore

  • Jane Nelson

  • Verena Reese

  • Jim and Kay Thompson

Among our local and global community concerns:

  • For the Village on 6th and Orchard, for all who live there, have lived there, work, volunteer, and/or give in all kinds of other ways vto support this important cause. We also pray for the courage to continue working and advocating for substantive change from the bottom up, so that all people are given the dignity and love in life that God so calls us provide for one another.

  • For Global Ministry partners in Fiji, specifically, the Pacific Conference of Churches who team up to provide a variety of ministries to the region including disaster relief, organizing resistance to oppressive systems and governance, promoting projects for justice, and raising self-awareness.

Holy God, we thank you for the broad web of church of which you have called us in partnership and service. We pray for the whole church, for all our partners throughout the globe, and for the Spirit which unites us in our shared mission to spread the peace and love of God to our neighbors near and far. We ask your continued guidance as we heed the work for justice to which you call us. In the name of our Liberating Lord, Amen

See you Sunday!

With love,

Pastor Doug

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