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Dear friends,

As I prepare for Sunday, I've been reflecting on the parable commonly referred to as the Prodigal's Son, found in the Gospel of Luke. One of the amazing things I've found in the Bible and in stories like this one is that no matter how many times I encounter a text, it seems with each new reading comes a new way to look at it; a new way to imagine God's abundance; a new way to see how the Spirit might be calling me to act or move in the world for this time and this place.

I wonder if you can think back to the first time you heard then parable mentioned above. Where were you in life? And where are you now? Has your perspective on the younger son changed? Or maybe you relate to the older brother or the father in the story differently, now than you once did in the past.

One of the beautiful things about the scriptures is that thanks to the companionship of the Spirit, we can glean new truths and new insights about God each time we read them. I challenge you to ponder with me this week, how is this story of grace speaking to you today? Can you imagine how it might speak to your future self? I'm grateful for the chance to study the Word with you on a regular basis.

May we continue to grow together!

With love,

Pastor Doug


Among our community’s joys, we lift:

  • We give God continued thanks for guiding us in the direction of fulfilling our Mission Possible vision of building a low-income apartment on campus. We thank John Unterreiner and Tom Moore who are the new co-chairs of our Mission Possible committee who will be charged with continuing the progress being made to complete this project. As individuals discern whether to participate in this committee, I also invite you to lift each of them to God (God knows who they are!) and to ask God how you might be called to help our community live out this dream, here on 6th and Orchard.

Among our concerns, we pray for:

  • Lois Treece

  • Jimmy Jinkerson, brother-in-law of Sandy King,

  • Charlene Houseman

  • Marylu Mills

  • Jan Ginter, a friend to many from the former Eastside Christian Church community

  • Daniel Davis, friend of Susan Pearson

  • Rachel Morford, daughter of Mary Morford

  • Kathie Call's son, Michael Call

  • For our homebound friends, Helen Bosley, Elaine Jonson, Harry and Margaret Lobberegt, Mereidene Moore, Jane Nelson, Verena Reese, and Jim and Kay Thompson

Among our local and global community prayer concerns:

  • We continue to pray for those in harm's way in Ukraine, and for peace to prevail in the midst of conflict and oppression as it rears its ugly head around the world. We pray also for those facing ongoing violence and oppression in nations around the world, including Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Ethiopia, and Syria. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

  • For the Village on 6th and Orchard, for all who live there, have lived there, work, volunteer, and/or give in all kinds of other ways to support this important cause. We also pray for the courage to continue working and advocating for substantive change from the bottom up, so that all people are given the dignity and love in life that God so calls us provide for one another.

  • For Global Ministry partners in Morocco, the Protestant Church in Morocco.

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