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Let us Pray

Dear friends,

In the life of our congregation, I wanted to lift up some joys and concerns that have come up in the past couple of weeks. As always, there is more to do as we care for one another than pray, but praying is important because it centers in our hearts a space for God's presence to enter in. Prayer reminds us that we don't bear the brunt of life's foibles and snares by ourselves, nor does our God sit on the sidelines when we have something to celebrate, but dances with us. So, because it's important, let us pray.

Among our Joys

  • We lift up Margaret and Harry Lobberegt who have recently marked their 72nd wedding anniversary!

  • We also lift up Tom and Kris Moore who celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this past week.

  • For the Village at 6th and Orchard

  • For the Center for Spirituality and the Arts; we have several new musicians and artists in residents moving in as we speak! Exciting news is on the horizon.

Among our concerns

  • Please pray for Sam and Jeanette Izenmann-Sanchez on the death of their beloved dog, Buddy.

  • Please also keep in your prayers Don and Cassie Tripp on the death of their wonderful cat, Leo.

  • We also pray for a close friend to Mary Morford who is facing a series of health complications.

  • Those among our community and around the world recovering from COVID-19.

  • Kathie Call and her son, Michael Call

  • Mel Peabody's partner, Bear

  • The Alvarado Family

Please also remember our homebound friends in your prayers:

  • Helen Bosley

  • Elaine Jonson

  • Harry and Margaret Lobberegt

  • Mereidene Moore

  • Jane Nelson

  • Verena Reese

  • Jim and Kay Thompson

Among our local and global community concerns:

  • We pray for increased civic engagement as Pierce County undergoes an election with several issues that pertain to the just treatment and dignity of our houseless neighbors in particular.

  • For the Village on 6th and Orchard, for all who live there, have lived there, work, volunteer, and/or give in all kinds of other ways vto support this important cause. We also pray for the courage to continue working and advocating for substantive change from the bottom up, so that all people are given the dignity and love in life that God so calls us provide for one another.

  • For Global Ministry partners in the United Kingdom, working at the U.S. St. Swithun’s School in Winchester, England, is a girls’ boarding school. We pray for the girls of St. Swithuns as they navigate growing up in such uncertain times away from their families. We are grateful that through Global Ministries our partners there able to offer them love and pastoral care as they face anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia, and the pressure that has been a result of the current unstable social and political environments.

This Sunday, we will reflect on the call of the first disciples as they left everything they had to follow Jesus. How radical a call it must've been on their lives! Let us pray for the courage and wisdom to heed God's call in our lives today, for justice, for community, for whatever it is we were made to do and be in the world.

See you Sunday!

With love,

Pastor Doug

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