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The point of prayer...

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Dear friends,

This past week while on retreat, I spent a good deal of time praying – praying for God’s continued guidance as we discern the next steps for ministry and life together as a congregation, prayers for help in a few things in my personal life, prayers of thanks for all the ways this community uplifts and supports each other, prayers of gratitude for God’s presence in simple things like pine cones and the smell of rain. I was reminded of a book written by Anne Lamotte several years ago on prayer called “Help, Thanks, Wow.” She posits that in whatever situation, any prayer we might lift to God breaks down to one of those three categories. I wonder if you have ever found yourself not quite sure “how” to pray, or whether you’re “doing it right.” I sure know it happens to me! What I love about her book is that she reminds the reader that God already knows what is on our hearts. The point of prayer is to activate within ourselves the reality that the Spirit indeed dwells within and around us in all circumstances – to connect us to the Creator in all things and to help guide us through life, come what may. I find that the times I am most unsure about what to pray about are the times I feel like I need that re-centering the most. So, in those moments especially, I start with the question: what am I grateful for? Then, what do I need help with? And lastly, what gives me awe these days? You may have found a different rhythm that works for you, but if you need a starting place, I invite you to consider asking those questions aloud to your God. The beauty of prayer is that there’s no wrong way to do it. And over time, the more we become conscious of the Spirit’s presence with us, the more we are in a state of ceaseless prayer, a ceaseless conscious connection with the Divine, even in the metonymy of life. God is in each day of our lives. So let us pray.


Pastor Doug

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