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2024 Spring Arts Update

Focus this week is on resident artist Nate Dybevik with updates from the other residents.

Nate Dybevik

“The community center at FCC holds a special place in my heart, and it has been instrumental in nurturing both my artistry and teaching practice. This space has provided me with the platform to not only express myself creatively but also to share my passion for music and the arts with others. It's a sanctuary where my ideas can flourish, collaborations thrive, and my students are empowered to explore their talents.  I love the supportive environment “the center” has enabled me to participate in, and I love how it has been a hub for me to connect with fellow artists, and church members, fostering a sense of community and belonging.  This has fueled my dedication to giving back. Without the opportunities and resources afforded by this space, my journey as an artist and educator would not have been as enriching and fulfilling.” ~ Nate

“Love is Art”

M. Rokuzan

I wanted to share with you my involvement and contributions to the center over the past year, particularly in music-related activities. Here's a rundown of what I've been up to:


Sound Training: I've trained a former piano student to manage sound during Sunday services, which has resulted in smoother operations and skill development within our community.


Free Lessons: I've taken on students whose families couldn't afford tuition, providing them with free piano lessons to support accessible education and nurture young talent.


Extra Value at Piano Service Appointments: During piano service appointments, I always strive to provide extra value and have contributed many piano services free of charge over the years. 


I've also been actively involved in other areas of the center:


Landscaping: I've been actively involved in maintaining the outdoor areas of the center, ensuring they remain visually appealing and welcoming.


Woodshop Mobilization: I've played a role in organizing and rallying people to get the woodworking shop operational, contributing to the development of a creative space within our center.


Art Installation: Collaborating with fellow artist Tori Fields, we've worked on an art installation together, adding creative expression to our center's environment. It should be finished soon!


Video Production Training: I've dedicated time to learning video production to assist during Sunday services, making our schedule more organized and less chaotic for everyone involved.


Grounds Maintenance: I've been a part and helped keep the grounds outside the artist studios well-maintained, and mowed, providing a pleasant esthetic for artists to arrive at.


Scholarship Discussions: I'm currently in discussions with Tacoma Urban Performing Arts Center (TUPAC) about onboarding new students for scholarship positions, aiming to provide opportunities for aspiring artists in need.  I hope to onboard two new scholarship students at the fall of this year.


Supporting Fellow Artists: I'm always ready to lend a helping hand to other artists within our community, fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual support.


“I'm proud of the diverse contributions I've made to enrich our community center and support its members. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful organization.” ~ Nate


Updates on our Artists in Residence

Mindy Barker

All of my current work consists of painting for the Pt Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Tacoma, WA •start painting in my studio at FCC January-March 2024 animal panels (clownfish, Indian Ocean sweetlips, pufferfish, zebra shark) that will be hung within my atrium mural•currently painting the foreground within the lagoon mural, March 2024•animals and acoustical clouds will be completed at FCC March 11th-22nd•animal and acoustical cloud installation within the atrium the week of 25th-29th


Adam Martin

Procession of Stars at the Tacoma Santa Parade in DecemberInstallation of Stars at the Foss Waterway Seaport Museum Artist Installation at the Gallery at the Gig Harbor Civic Center


Tori Fields

Liturgical Community Art project December 2023 – ‘Untitled’’ Advent art project, First Christian Church, Tacoma WA

Co-Designed and co-curated the installation art for the Peace concert at FCC With Mindy.

Recent Exhibitions:

13th Annual National Juried Show, Sage Community Arts, Sheridan, WY

10x10x10xTieton, Mighty Tieton Warehouse, Tieton, WA

Pierce County AIDS Foundation Gallery, Tacoma, WA

Fire and Flood Installation at Artco Framing and Gallery, Tacoma, WA

Where are we going and what will we do when we get there?, Art at the Cave Gallery, Vancouver, WA

Mint Condition, online gallery MidwestNice Art,

12th Annual All Women Exhibition, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery,


Walker Sherman

Local performances this Month! (Go see a live show with Walker!)

Apizza Solo Acoustic Thursday March 7th 7-9pm

Cider and Cedar Solo Acoustic Sat March 9 7-10pm

2 Union Seattle Convention Center March 19th 8am-10am

Apizza Solo Acoustic Thursday March 21st 7-9pm

Dragon Telegraph Friday March 15th 3-6pm Live Role Play Game experience set in Tacoma

Liturgical: Served as lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist throughout Advent and early 2023 FCC Tacoma


Janelle Gordon

YMCA Yoga Classes

Individual Yoga and Mindfulness classes

Liturgical: Photography for Events including Advent and the Peace Concert at FCC Tacoma

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