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This week's community joys & concerns from September 24, 2023

Among our concerns, we pray for:

  • Please join me in praying for Corrine Barkhe's friend, Loralie Parker who has recently been diagnosed with a return of cancer after a long period in remission. Please hold her and her loved ones in your prayers as she awaits further testing results.

  • We also learned that Alex Tapia, a beloved part the local arts community who also served here at FCC as a sound technician for some time was critically injured in a motorcycle accident. I understand he is now conscious, but has a long road of recovery ahead as he receives care in Seattle.

  • Bear, Mel Peabody's partner who continues to receive palliative care

  • Laura Riccholt, as she continues recovery in the hospital

  • Phyllis Jacobson, as she also continues recovering after a series of falls two weeks ago

  • Mary Morford's daughter, Rachel

  • Martha Redford's friends, Margo and Teresa

  • For all our homebound friends, for Harry and Margaret Lobberegt, Helen Bosley, Marylu and Joseph Mills and Jane Nelson.

Among our local and global community concerns:

  • This morning, I heard a special on the radio covering the migrant crisis along the US souther border. A local agency in San Antonio reports that they are seeing on average 1,000 new migrants arrive each day. As many already know, this humanitarian crisis is a symptom of a series of systemic failings and a lack of adequate care given most especially to vulnerable populations, such as children and women. As part of our charge as followers of Jesus, it is our duty to understand the challenges that many of these beloved children of God are facing, both as they are treated once they arrive in the United States, and as a matter of justice among our global community. I'd like to invite you to a special experiential performance happening this Saturday in our sanctuary. It is being put on by a local agency called AidNorthwest, whose primary function is to greet and provide support to detainees upon their release from the immigration center here in Tacoma on the tideflats. They assist them in connecting with family members and/or sponsors by helping them sort out transportation and temporary housing. The event is known as Detention Lottery, an immerse performance designed to educate participants on the harsh reality and treatment many immigrants go through through upon reaching the United States.

  • We pray for the community living here on 6th and Orchard at the Tiny House Village. We ask for God's comfort and peace to fill the spirits of all those who find themselves alone or without the fuel they need for this day, and for God to continue to awake those of us with resources and time to share to use what we have to healing of our community in every sense of the word.

  • We lift up our Global Ministries partners, this week, in Germany.


If you'd like to share a prayer joy or concern, please contact Pastor Doug at or by calling the church office. Please indicate whether your prayer is to be shared publicly, or if you'd like it to be kept private.

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