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There is a season

Dear friends,

The allure of the golden rays tempt us into the Summer months very soon, I'm reminded of the famous song from the 1960's by the Byrd's "Turn, Turn, Turn." The turning of the seasons is indeed a theme throughout our Bible, as a reminder that there is a season for love, for hate, for war, for peace, a time you may embrace, a time you may reframe from embracing. Dear friends, where are you in this season? I know there are many among us grieving the loss of loved ones. There are some in a season of healing, others in a season of big changes in career. In whatever season(s) life has brought you to thus far, may God's Spirit of comfort and peace be an unmistakable presence all the way through. Our congregation is in a season of new life as we continue to ask ourselves and our God how we might have an impact on the world, most especially, on the lives of our neighbors seeking housing and independence. May we live into this exciting season season and say "yes" to all we're being called to do and be!

With love,

Pastor Doug


Among our joys:

  • We give thanks for our two representatives, Tom Moore and Doug Collins, and for the gathering of the Northern Lights Region for Regional Assembly in Templin's Falls, ID. We pray for safe travels and good connections and business meetings for the important work we do together as one big church.

Among our concerns, we pray for:

  • Betty Alvarado’s granddaughter, Savannah Batista Hess

  • Steve Johnson

  • Friend of Susan Pearson, Daniel Davis

  • Rachel Morford, daughter of Mary Morford

  • Kathy Call, requesting prayers of care as she navigates a challenging time for her family.

  • We continue to pray for all our homebound friends, Joe and Marylu Mills, Harry and Margaret Lobberegt and Helen Bosley

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