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This week's community joys & concerns from June 23, 2024

We continue to pray for those recovering from hospitalizations and/or medical procedures:

  • Dorothy Beeles, who continues recovery at home with the help of her children.

  • Chris Beeles-Miller as she recovers from hand surgery.

  • Dan Ledbetter, surgery tuesday

  • Ben Smith's grandmother, Barbara, recovering from a broken hip

  • Charlene Housman, who now continues her rest and recovery from home

  • Laura Cohthril

  • Alex Tapia

  • Pat McDaniel

  • Misty Hans-Zwosta

  • Corrine's friend, Loralie

  • Martha's friends, Margo and Teresa

  • We also continue to pray for Danny Jablonski as he receives treatment and for his husband, Gordon.

Our homebound friends

Harry and Margaret Lobberegy, Helen Bosley, Marylu and Joseph Mills and Jane Nelson

Among our local and global community:

  • We pray for Gaza, for Rafah, and for all in this region who remain in harm's way. We pray for peace, for accountability, and for pathways of community and understanding to be the light that guides each of us around the world as we pray and work for peace. We pray for those affected by strife and conflict in many regions, including Ukraine, Afghanistan, Ghana, Korea, Sudan, and Colombia.

  • We pray for the village on 6th and Orchard

  • We pray for our Global Ministry partners, this week in Philippines.

If you'd like to share a prayer joy or concern, please contact Pastor Doug at or by calling the church office. Please indicate whether your prayer is to be shared publicly, or if you'd like it to be kept private.

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