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This week's community joys & concerns from February 18, 2024


  • Disciples youth from around this region gathered at Gwinwood this weekend for a retreat, one which Doug and I were present for. The theme was “Rest in the wilderness” and we explored rest and sabbath practices and discussed how they are so important in following God’s call and Christ’s leadership in our world. We also played games, explored the woods, and I got to hear the youth reminiscing about past summers at camp. We are so thankful for the leadership of our friends at Northwest Christian Church in Seattle for organizing the retreat, and for Gwinwood for hosting us. 

  • We also lift to God this community, each of us, during this time of Lent, as we reflect on the barriers that keep us apart from God and one another. We pray that through self-examination and study, we learn to repent - to change so that those barriers may fade away. This week, our lenten book study begins, on Monday at 3 here on campus, and at 5 by zoom. Also, our Thursday midday meditation will continue at 11, a time for being in prayer through music and reading. 

  • A joy that I hold close to my heart is that of making music together with others. At our Ash Wednesday service, Marilyn and I rang our handbells together, a practice we hope to continue through Lent. If you would like to join us and ring, we will ring on Thursdays at noon.

  • This week also marks the first time we will hear one of our Lenten Psalms. While we light the candles, John Unterreiner reads Psalm 25 in a recording made with the musical staff of FCC Tacoma.

  • Click here for more Lenten information.

Among our concerns:

  • Dan Jablonski, who is now home, and his partner and caregiver, Gordon

  • Sue Simpson’s friend, Misty

  • Marc Master

  • Dan Leadbetter

  • Alex Tapia

  • Larry Levy

  • Corrine Bahrke's friend, Loralie

  • Martha Redford's friends, Margo and Teresa

  • For all our homebound friends, including Harry and Margaret Lobberegt, Helen Bosley, Marylu and Joseph Mills and Jane Nelson.

Among our local and global community,

  • Those in harm's way in Gaza, Ukraine, and many other places around the world in the midst of genocide, conflict, and strife

  • We lift up the village on 6th and Orchard

  • We pray for the dignity of all fleeing violence. Jesus, who himself was a refugee in Egypt, calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. God’s realm transcends human borders. We pray for peace, for the breaking down of barriers, for the melting of weapons, and for the building of true community among all the peoples of the world.

  • We lift up our Global Ministries partners in India,  Inba Illam, a community that includes and cares for elderly people neglected by family and society.

If you'd like to share a prayer joy or concern, please contact Pastor Doug at or by calling the church office. Please indicate whether your prayer is to be shared publicly, or if you'd like it to be kept private.

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